Their names usually don't hit our radar until they are 17

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Their names usually don't hit our radar until they are 17

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We watch them in college and analysts and announcers praise their on field skills in awe. They are made out to be gods. They are interviewed with Journalism 101 questions about how they got so good and who were their heroes. Ex NFL players and reporters blush like teenagers as they kiss their .... in front of the camera and feed their ego. The fraternity of reporters highlight and exaggerate their skills and plays until it's nauseating.These boys believe it and actually see it come true. They believe the hype Sheldrick Redwine Jersey , and whether or not it comes true, they aren't prepared for the journey or the end. Commentators, fans, gurus, and reporters rush to gush over the "next one Austin Seibert Jersey ," then their replacement, and players who find themselves out of the spotlight are lost. Some bask in the anonymity and retire at peace with their career, but others, those we never really knew, have dark places that surface.Where and how do these athletes who were once so adored go wrong? Is their ego fed for so long they lose themselves? Should college and pro teams pay for them to see psychiatrists and should they stay in school and mature? How can this cycle of athletes Trysten Hill Jersey , with the inability to cope, float through a system that leaves them unprepared for the real world? How can these tragedies and these athletes, at the very least, be helped? Blue Jays fans gave New York Mets slugger Jose Bautista a standing ovation before his first at bat as a visiting player since leaving Toronto at the end of last season.

The two-time home run champion took off his helmet and acknowledged both the crowd and the Blue Jays dugout as fans rose for a prolonged ovation. Bautista drew a five-pitch walk and scored when Asdrubal Cabrera followed with a home run.

Before the game, Bautista drew another ovation at the end of a video tribute featuring highlights of his 10 seasons with the Blue Jays Connor McGovern Jersey , including back-to-back ALCS appearances in 2015 and 2016.

The six-time All-Star exchanged warm embraces with several former Blue Jays teammates during batting practice and signed autographs for fans alongside New York’s first base dugout. Fans in right field rose to applaud Bautista as he took his position in the bottom of the first.

Bautista played 12 games for Atlanta in May and joined the Mets on May 22. He’s batting .250 with three homers and 13 RBIs in 36 games with New York.
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